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Media Services Global Crew Booking has the #1 list of freelance professionals, worldwide! How else are we superior to other crew services? We'll book a single production assistant to fully equipped field production crews around the world. Plus, we provide a level of personal service to clients that quickly make us an integral part of their production team!


Services Include:

Crew Only, or Crew Plus Equipment Options
Crew Profile Information
Cost Estimates and Options
Confirmation Calls
AMEX Card Accepted

Here's how it works:

  1. Call us toll-free (1-888-SHOOTS1) with your crew request.
  2. We listen closely to obtain project budget, crew and gear specifications, worker category, schedules, and any special requirements.
  3. We search our worldwide database and supply resource options, with pricing estimates for your review.
  4. Together, we choose the resource that best suits your need.
  5. You sign-off on our estimate, and payment terms.
  6. Media Services confirms the booking and sends a notice to you detailing the crewmembers selected and any special instructions or arrangements for the job.
  7. Media Services also checks for quality and your satisfaction following each assignment.


  • One-Call Crew Resourcing - saves time before and after the job!
  • Qualified Crews - save time and add value on the job!
  • Project-based Invoice
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

The result: You get the right crew for each assignment. Worry-free!

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