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Production Accounting

“Coast to Coast from Prep to Post”™

Media Services has an all inclusive production accounting department. The experienced staff is the perfect compliment to our payroll services, software store, and production network.

Our all inclusive production accounting services can accommodate small, medium, and large productions. Outsourcing your production accounting is not only cost effective, it is the most efficient way to manage your production accounting. Productions choose Media Services because we have the ability to work on-site with your production or off-site from one of our bi-coastal offices.

Experience to solve any production accounting problem

  • Full-time staff of accountants with extensive years of production experience.
  • Extremely well versed with all production accounting systems.
  • Full service entertainment payroll provider.

All Inclusive from Prep to Post Production

Your production needs vary from project to project. Our services adapt to your needs. On small projects, you will save money by using one of our in-house accountants. On bigger projects, we will be right at your side assisting in accounting, payroll, union contributions, residual payments, and more.

Some of the reports you can expect to receive include: Weekly Production Cost Report with Estimated Final Cost and Cost to Complete, and a Variance Report, regardless of the software used during production.

Our post production accountants will work with your staff to assure a smooth transition.

Unresolved items from the production period will be followed up and resolved.

We will also assist you in preparing for any union or guild audit. If there is a reshoot, we will handle the accounting for that too.

Choose Media Services Production Accounting

Experience: Our production accounting staff has been servicing the motion picture industry since 1971.

Flexibility: Able to manage any production big or small.

Cost Effective: We have the ability to ramp up or down.


To find out more details, or to discuss how we can assist you, call:

Los Angeles:
Sarah Kim
Steven Fishman 310.440.9674

New York:
Steve Bizenov 646.829.0702

Toll free 800.333.7518.