Showbiz Scheduling

Showbiz Scheduling has become the go-to software for producers and production managers who want the most control over their shooting schedule, combined with the flexibility to change elements on the fly. Showbiz Scheduling comes with fully customizable reports including the call sheet, production report, shooting schedule, stripboard, exhibit “g” and crew list.

Industry-standard reports are built right in and linked directly to the schedule, allowing you to organize your project efficiently, from first call to final wrap. Simple interfaces make Showbiz Scheduling a hit with everyone from first-time filmmakers to seasoned veterans.

Integrated, Industry-Standard Reports

Customizable reports can be emailed to crew members:

  • Call sheet
  • Production report
  • Shooting schedule
  • Stripboard
  • Exhibit "g"
  • Crew list
  • Superior Graphics

    Great looking schedules and industry-standard reports that use color, shapes and icons to better communicate what's being shot when and how.


    An intuitive layout that makes Scheduling a breeze for anyone to use. Turbocharge the process with:

  • Direct Import from Final Draft®, Movie Magic® Screenwriter, and Mantage®.
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling
  • Easy-to-navigate Breakdown Sheets
  • Element Linking
  • Searchlight, our lightning-fast search utility
  • Global Find/Replace
  • Breakthrough Innovations

  • Stars automatically indicate changes in the schedule and cast work days.
  • Cast BlackOut protects you from accidentally scheduling actors on unavailable days.
  • TimeOut lets you measure shoot days by hours, and organize your shoot with daily times that change right on the stripboard (ideal for commercials and music videos).
  • A robust calendar and expandable schedule enables you to fully schedule prep through post.

  • 1. Fill out the Breakdown Sheet

    2. Arrange your schedule

    3. Print your reports

    Operating system:
    Mac OSX Universal 10.4 (or higher), Win XP, Vista, 7

    CD-Rom Drive, 150mb of Hard Disk, 1Gb RAM
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