Music Contracts

Showbiz Music Contracts is a time and money saver for independent musicians, bands and producers alike. These documents were created by an entertainment industry attorney with over 20 years’ experience drafting contracts. They can help you get a deal up and running fast, without the expense of hiring a lawyer, and without the risk of working without a contract.

Don’t settle for a handshake deal. Get it in writing quickly and painlessly with Showbiz Music Contracts. Over 60 must-have music industry contracts are represented here, including Recording Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Producer Agreement, Copyright & Trademark, and Royalty Calculation.

Band and Artist Agreements

  • Artist Engagement Agreement
  • Booking Agent Agreement (CA)
  • Business Management Agreement
  • Loan-Out and Inducement Letters
  • Operating Agreement for Limit Liability Company
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Personal Management Agreement
  • Publicist Agreement
  • Shareholders Agreement for Corporation
  • Distribution Agreements

  • Distribution Agreement
  • Internet Distribution Agreement
  • Security Agreement Forms
  • Copyright Registration
  • Form PA with Instructions
  • Copyright Registration
  • Form SR with Instructions
  • Track Info Sheet
  • Trademark App. for Name of Musical Group
  • UCC-I Form
  • Master Licenses

  • Master Use License - Motion Picture
  • Master Use License - Multimedia (CD-ROM)
  • Master Use License - Records
  • Master Use License - TV Commercial
  • Master Use License - TV Program
  • Sampling License - Master
  • Music Video Production Agreements

  • Music Video Production Agreement with Director
  • Music Video Production Agreement with Production Company
  • Property ("Props") Clearance
  • Talent Release
  • Publishing and Songwriting Agreements

  • Administration Agreement
  • Assignment of Copyright
  • Co-publishing Agreement
  • Exclusive Term Songwriting Agreement
  • Joint Administration Agreement
  • Single Song Agreement
  • Sub-publishing Agreement
  • Publishing Licenses

  • Mechanical License
  • Sampling License - Composition
  • Sampling License - Composition (with Assignment of Copyright)
  • Synchronization License - Motion Picture
  • Synchronization License - Multimedia (CD-ROM)
  • Synchronization License - TV Commercial
  • Synchronization License - TV Program
  • Recording and Production Agreements

  • Arranger Agreement [Work-for-Hire]
  • Artist Development Agreement - Override
  • Artist Development Agreement - Producer Attachment
  • Artwork [Work-for-Hire]
  • Exclusive Recording Artist Agreement
  • Featured Guest Artist Agreement
  • Featured Guest Musician Agreement
  • Independent Record Promoter Agreement
  • Music Bed/Beats Production Agreement [License]
  • Music Bed/Beats Production Agreement [Work-for Hire]
  • Photography [Work-for-Hire]
  • Producer Agreement
  • Publicist Agreement
  • Recording Agreement for Compilation Album
  • Recording Agreement for Demo Masters
  • Recording Studio Agreement
  • Session Player Agreement
  • Sideman Agreement
  • Staff Producer Agreement and more.

  • Over 60 must-have music industry contracts.

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